Blade Kitten Developer Interview

The PS blog’s Jeff Rubenstein had an opportunity to speak with “Captain” Steve Stamatiadis from Krome Studios regarding the studio’s new game Blade Kitten over at GDC recently. A 2D platforming PSN exclusive, Steve mentions the strong influences anime had on the title along with French and English comics he grew up with, while even name-checking Speed Racer.

Jeff has obviously been reading TSA lately as he mentions some similarites between Blade Kitten and the legendary Strider games, a connection we mentioned a few weeks ago. Then again, considering how popular Strider is (and the fact that they are so similar) we’re thinking we both just tuned in on the obvious likeness.


Blade Kitten will be episodic, the first chapter offering up four to five hours of gameplay. The second chapter will be about half this amount again, though Steve stresses that the first release is a completely self-contained story. We’re thinking the follow-up content will be more for those of us who really like our first taste of the action.

Blade Kitten is aiming for a release somewhere at the end of April or at the start of May. The second chapter will be “three of four months later.”

Here’s the full interview embedded for those who prefer to get their news with the rugged good looks of Mr. Rubenstein staring directly into their souls.

Finally, regarding price, Steve says (in the comment section of the article over at the blog) that the second chapter will – obviously – be half the price of the first. Considering the first episode is twice the length, we’re seeing the logic here. As for the all-important price of the first outing, Steve admits that there’s still trying to “[…] work out a final price but it will be value for money. We want to be cool that way.”