Hands On: Blade Kitten (PS3)

Blade Kitten’s an interesting game, effectively playing out in the traditional of a 16-bit platformer but with modern takes on the genre a la recent Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex. Blade Kitten follows the exploits of the aptly named Kit Ballard, side-on bounty hunter with a distinctive feline look about her, as she jumps, climbs and claws her way around Hollow Wish in search of treasure. When she’s rudely interrupted by a character with a ridiculously English accent after the same bounty, it’s a full on chase through the planet’s varying terrain with just her suspect leaping abilities and bizarre floating sword for company.

Told via a series of vaguely sexualised cut-scenes, Blade Kitten’s exposition is pure comic book and whilst unlikely to win any awards, it’s fluffy enough to be entertaining given the context. Regardless, the story is a means to an end and really only there to bookend the action, which starts off slow and slightly uninteresting before eventually ramping up beyond the initially repetitive clambouring and swooshing with the so-called Darque Blade, bobbing behind you as it does, always waiting to be called into action to slice through the enemy.


It’s clear Krome have been playing a bit of Metroid, Blade Kitten’s premise and mechanics resemble the Nintendo classic, and that’s not a bad thing. Thankfully, even though Samus was no slouch Kit’s free running and wall climbing is (literally) leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else, with careful balancing and quick footed sliding amongst her many moves. Still, Blade Kitten is a platformer at heart and whilst the gameplay’s fine for the genre, the swordplay (bosses aside) feels a little looser and less focused. And over 19 (massive) levels, we’d have prefered a slightly tighter reign on the battling.


It’s good fun, though, and it’s nice to see original content seemingly coming out of nowhere. Blade Kitten is out today on the PSN, and we’re told there’s a demo too.



  1. A demo?!?! Well actually check it out

    • I checked it out,the visuals are quite nice and has its own art style that suits it perfectly,but the demo level was realllllllllly long.this was only the first level,this must be a long game.

  2. I was wondering about this the other day and Machinarium.

  3. I absolutely love how it looks, regardless of the game. More games need a distinctive art-style.

  4. sh sh sh shes SHES ON A FUCKING CHOCOBO!!!

    i will buy and play this game (probably)

    • Eh? probably new species

  5. Really enjoyed the demo of this. I think I shall buy it!

  6. Tried the demo and was pleasantly surprised, it’s actually okay… however it’s Blade Kitty’s bad luck it came out the same day as both DeathSpank 2 and Sonic Adventure.

    I’ll wait for it to hit the special offer folder.

  7. I’m thinking about buying this with Sonic… now that I have played the trail its all looking goood.

  8. i played the demo but it did not have a really big effect on me,it just seems too tedious and long for my liking.

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