UK Celebs Get Natal Event

Think writing for a gaming website is the best way to get a sneak peak and some hands-on time with Microsoft’s Natal? Well think again, it appears the best way is to have a successful career in showbiz. Earlier today Jonothan Ross tweeted that he was off to a secret shindig tonight along with his son.

“Afternoon all. Am recovering from Baftas and then recording Film 2010 this morning.Tonight my son and I experience X Box 360 Natal ! Cool.”

Next up for a slice of Microsoft gaming goodness is none other than The Gadget Show’s top gamer Jason Bradbury, who also let everyone know via Twitter that he was one of the lucky few.


“going to Microsoft’s ‘secret’ Natal event tonight!!!!!! Can’t blummin’ wait!!!”

“Genius! Genius! Genius! Natal is in a coded safe with two bouncers and miniature dogs guarding it!”

“First to play Natal at the ‘secret’ UK demo! :-)”

It didn’t stop there however as Danny Wallace was next to tweet:

“Project Natal is huge fun. Christmases everywhere sorted.”

We don’t know if anyone else was able to sample Microsoft’s great Christmas hope, but rumours of Jordan, Jedward, The Chuckle Brothers and Bouncer the dog from Neighbours were invited to attend haven’t been confirmed. Jason was also savvy enough to tweet some pictures of the event which your can check out below.