GameShastra Getting Cosy With Sony

GameShastra might not be a household name in western markets but they are the biggest game services supplier in India. Basically they provide studio space, power and some of that wonderful Indian expertise to developers needing assistance through outsourcing of some of the more labour-intensive aspects of creating video games. They are experts at bug-finding and art services.

They are also the guys behind the D-Cube Planet and Circles Minis and are gearing up for the development of the first Indian game for the PS3 platform: Eklavya. GameShastra are also expanding their team and expanding their relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment with a view to putting more into the digital download arena.


While this news may seem a little dry and “business-like” it is also an indication of how the landscape of gaming is changing, with the traditional Japanese studios giving ground to their western counterparts and now many technical and support services moving towards countries like India which have a high number of highly skilled graduates. Gaming is becoming a more streamlined, global, business. Surely this can only be a good thing for gamers who are expecting cheaper, more frequent and less buggy releases all the time?