BF:BC2 Day 1 Map Pack Trailer

EA are well and truly on a roll with their initiatives to combat the pre-owned market, as is now the norm with their releases Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will include a single use voucher code in the box to download some free DLC and today they have released the trailer for that content, which takes the form of two multiplayer maps and a respective game mode.

First up is Nelson Bay a dense snow-covered forest restricting vehicle and will put your infantry combat skills to the test via the Rush game mode whilst Laguna Alta features the classic Conquest mode in a challenging woodland environment where effective use of ATV and infantry-fighting-vehicles will be the key to military supremacy.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launches on March 2nd in North America, March 4th in Europe and March 5th in the UK & Ireland. Players that buy used versions and don’t have a code can purchase one via the in-game store for $15 with pricing for the rest of the world still to be confirmed.