Live Rallying Coming Soon?

Back in the days of the PS2 and the official WRC rally games (developed by Evolution Studios, now behind the MotorStorm series on PS3), there was heady talk of the possibilities of online gaming and the ability to race at home alongside your rallying heroes as they do it for real. In reality, this was, and still is, quite far away.

But, Black Bean Studios (who develop the SBK and V8 Supercars games) are currently creating the first official World Rally Championship game for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 since WRC Evolved (back in 2005).


In a recent statement on the World Rally Championship’s official homepage, Simon Long, head of North One Sport and promoter of the WRC, stated that they are currently developing a system where by “using the internet they [people at home] would be able to compete in the rally on the same stages against some of the best drivers in the world”.

This would be truly ground-breaking technology and I am personally extremely interested to see if they can pull it off. It is clearly very early days though. During every round of the WRC this year, the cars will be tracked using sophisticated GPS tracking devices, which will then feed back to Black Bean Studios for analysis and development to see if such a concept can be turned into reality.

The console WRC game is due out in the autumn of this year and probably won’t include live rallying, but hopefully we will see this in future iterations of the game. As always, TSA will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.