Friday Fight #9

It seems that a lot of you didn’t know who The End was and dismissed him quite quickly…that’s because you’re all ageist and should be ashamed of yourselves. But despite putting up the best fight that Kratos has encountered so far he still lost by 15 votes; Kratos wins 29 to 14.

This week we have a female entering the ring to challenge Kratos. This is no ordinary female, however. KRATOS VS NARIKO


Kratos’ Pros:

  • Angrier than a trap-door spider that’s just had his house poked by a stick 
  • Go-faster stripe for intimidation
  • Two extremely sharp blades seared to his wrists via chains which can be used in all manners of destructive and violent ways
  • Magic powers, including lightning attacks
  • Penchant for ripping limbs off bodies and shoving them back down their owner’s throat

Nariko’s Pros:

  • Has a 3-in-1 sword (probably from JML)
  • Quick and agile
  • Can pick up objects and throw them at her foes
  • Brutal finishing moves including a swift kick to the nuts
  • Great at Fung Shui

Kratos’ Cons:

  • Sluggish at times and a little slow
  • Limited attack range
  • Silly beard

Nariko’s Cons:

  • No magic skills
  • Unable to jump (an old knee injury, perhaps?)
  • Ridiculously long hair which could get caught in doors etc

If Kratos makes it through to Fight #10 then he will retire after that.