Removing NVRAM Fixes 8001050F

Today’s leap year issue has caused chaos for planet Playstation, but TheSixthAxis reader theDAZBOMEGATRON has found a fix.  It’s only for the brave, and will play havoc with your warranty, but it seems to have worked for him.

“I stripped the machine down to the motherboard,” he told us, “removed the CR2032 cmos (NVRAM) Battery, left it out for 2 minutes, rebuilt the PS3, and booted it. It worked.”


“It had lost the display settings, but more importantly, the time and date settings. I let the PS3 find the best display setting, then changed the date to 03/03/2010 and it worked fine, booted up fully, and connected to the PSN no problem.”

“So it definately seems to be a corrupt NVRAM that causes the problem,” he says.

Important: Do not do this.  Do not open up your PS3 regardless of whether it’s under warranty or not.  You’ll not only invalidate your warranty (if you have one) but you’ll also invalidate any local laws which may protect you long after the warranty has ran out like the sales of goods act etc…