Unconfirmed: All PS3s Now Back On PSN

Like a lot of you, we stayed up late this evening to see if, at the ominous stroke of midnight, the leap year bug which has inflicted so many PS3s today, magically went away. Well, it looks like Sony weren’t sitting around the office all day willing to let Father Time fix their error, as – and we have to stress that this is purely anecdotal evidence coming from disgruntled people commenting on the official notification about the error over at the official PlayStation blog – it appears everything is finally fixed.

Expect a further update confirming the massive hiccup’s official status but, for now at least – fingers crossed Sony have this one licked. Apart from the fact that everyone’s date is now 29/04/2020. Better than a date that doesn’t exist we reckon.


And so we start with the inevitable petitions for compensation. Who wants 50% of everything on the Store this week? Get those placards ready people.

More as we get it.

Update: Just to mention that some people have commented that the PSN is still unavailable only to then follow up and claim that it’s now working. So, our advice is to try and, if it’s not working, wait a little and try again. The servers are probably getting hammered right about now. Which is good in our books. After all, they had a nice rest!