Valve: “We Want To Get Better At PS3”

PS3-avoiding Valve have made further comments relating to their renown aversion to Sony’s console. Already speculating that they would support the PS3 “down the road”, Valve writer Chet Faliszek has now touched upon the studio’s past association with the PS3 (the EA ported it’s-not-as-bad-as-everyone-makes-out The Orange Box), and how the studio didn’t put its “best foot forward” into the PS3 arena.

“We thought that the Orange Box didn’t put our best foot forward with the PS3 community. We don’t want to do something like that again on the PS3. We want to give PS3 owners the best possible experience.

“Some of that will come from us learning and getting better. Before we can go onto the PS3 again, we want to make sure we’re better at developing for it.”

At least they’re being honest about their lack of “mad PS3 skills” and are beginning to recognise that, not only does the PS3 exist, a lot of studios are making money supporting it. What next? A Valve created PS3 exclusive? OK, hang on, let’s not go crazy or anything.

Source: C&VG