Will PS3s Be OK Tomorrow?

TheSixthAxis is hoping that the disaster that happened at midnight last night will right itself as the clock strikes 12 tonight.  Although Sony have been frustratingly quiet on the subject today, we’ve heard from a few people in the know that the situation is based on the PS3 assuming it should be a leap year day today and we’re told that as the date flicks to the 2nd of March, all will be well.

Of course, this isn’t official, but does make sense.  The problem, which affects launch-era (phat) PS3s and causes widespread issues from a broken clock to the complete inability to sign into the PSN, making an urgent Firmware Update pointless unless we throw it on a memory stick and force the PS3 to read from that.


In addition, lots of people are reporting game save losses, theme corruptions and broken Trophies.  It’s a real mess, to be honest, but if our hopes come into fruition we’ll be up and running at midnight tonight.  Sony’s community managers are trying to help anyone affected (currently down), but the delayed official response meant many users switched on their PS3s before the official Blog updated.

Anyone for Forza 3?