TSA’s GDC Coverage

Game Developer Conference 2010 kicks off in San Francisco next Tuesday on March 9th and runs through to Friday 13th, and as usual TheSixthAxis will bring you every scrap of news whilst providing an insight in to the world of gaming and the development which makes it all possible. GDC isn’t like June’s E3 or October’s Tokyo Game Show in so much as developers, publishers and platform holders don’t generally ‘grandstand’ and try to outdo each other with massive keynote presentations.

It is a conference for the developers themselves as they show off things they’ve worked on and how they accomplished some of the groundbreaking achievements of the past year and importantly they show off some of the underlying tech which will be underpinning this year’s blockbusters.


That is not to say that GDC10 won’t be interesting or have its share of ground-breaking news, in previous year’s we got our first ever peak at God Of War III and amazing Uncharted 2 footage and learned that Crytek had developed the CryENGINE 3 their middleware and the game engine which will power Crysis 2. Of course there is the show floor ‘expo’ area where we can expect lots of shaky footage from crappy mobile phones to be leaked.

This year we can expect that the Microsoft and Sony motion controllers; Natal and Arc will take centre stage as the company’s gear up for an Autumn release as they look to chip away at the huge sales success of the Nintendo Wii. The time is coming where they can no longer get away with showing us tech demos but instead show us some actual games we’ll be able to play on the new devices.

Personally I’ll be looking to see if Natal can break out of the ‘party-gaming’ sphere and have ‘real’ gaming uses that will appeal to gamers, on the Arc front… will we finally get a name for it, will we get to see if a nunchuck is needed and if so can Sony produce it all for an attractive price.

As to what else GDC has in store, you’ll have to wait and see but rest assured we’ll bring it to you the very second it happens.