Mikami: Vanquish 80% Complete

Famitsu have been talking Vanquish with the game’s director, Shinji Mikamiwe.

This is actually the first time in four years that Mikami worked on a title, though he was more interested in talking Vanquish than reminiscing,


Making a normal shooter wouldn’t be interesting, so it has the concept of the feeling of speed and good tempo, and something flashy. There are lots of games where you shoot and kill people, so this time we wanted to try and see how we could convey the good feeling of shooting robots.

Famitsu then pointed out that Mikami has the image of making action games rather than shooters, to which he responded,

It will be a shooter that places importance on the good tempo and feeling of rhythm you get from playing an action game, though the boss battles in particular will approach action games.

The title which is being made by Platinum Games is currently at around 80% in its development cycle and will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 by Sega not only in Japan but also in Europe and the US.

Via Andriasang.com