Playstation 2 Is 10 Today

Today marks the tenth aniversary of the Playstation 2, yes that’s right it was launched on this day ten years ago in Japan.

The PlayStation 2 was announced as being in development  in March 1999 and it was released a year later. Its competition at that time was the Dreamcast, the GameCube and later the Xbox, however it wasn’t too long before it started to stand apart from those machines with games such as Ridge Racer 5, God of War II, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus and GTA 3 to name a few.


Since it launched the console has reached over 140 million units sold and it is still going strong despite declining software and the release of the new generation consoles.

There is no doubt that the Playstation 2 is a wonderful machine which set the standard for the consoles and games we are playing today.

Congratulations to the Playstation 2 and Happy Birthday, you will always be in our hearts.