Old Loyal Haloers To Get Reach Access

When we ran the story of Microsoft turning off online support for the original Xbox’s games on April 15th we speculated that fans of such games like Halo 2 might be in someway compensated. You know, maybe free Gold membership access or a complimentary game or two for their trouble.

We weren’t far off. Kotaku are running with the news that loyal (or dated, depends on your perspective) fans of Halo 2 – one of the games about to go dark online next month – have been contacted by Microsoft with the promise of “free three-month Gold memberships and 400 Microsoft Points to spend on the game, add-on or Avatar clothing item of their choice.”


They’ve also been extended an invite into the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta as a sweetener for their dusty console getting the virtual cold-shoulder. Here’s hoping these people actually have 360s. After all, this is 2003, right?