PS3 Vanquish Is Lead Platform

You won’t find Platinum Games at the top of too many PS3 fans’ Christmas lists these days, as despite making the wonderful Bayonetta, much has been made of their decision to hand over porting duties of the game to publisher SEGA. One inferior port later, it appears Platinum Games have learned their lesson: if you’re going to do a multiplatform title, it’s better to lead on the PS3.

Visiting a press event in Tokyo last week, 1UP have unearthed the revelation that Platinum are developing Vanquish with the PS3 as leading platform.


Vanquish director Shinji Mikami said:

“We’re leading development on PS3. Obviously each console has its own unique requirements and limitations, but we feel if we can create a good enough presentation on PS3, we’ll be off to a good start.”

Now, if they can only make their protagonist less generic, we could have a real winner on our hands. It’s OK, they do have 20% left to go before it’s finished.