Portal 2 Details Hit Net

Recently we broke the sad news that Valve would be releasing Portal 2 on Xbox 360 and PC only, leaving PS3 owners feeling left out yet again.

Well today some new details and screens have emerged of the new game courtesy of palgn and it has to be said that it all sounds pretty awesome.


Sadly of course Valve have decided that developing for PS3 is just too complex for them, instead sticking to the development of games for Xbox 360 due to its close ties with the PC. This is bad news for owners of Sony’s black box, however MS fans certainly won’t be complaining about the news below.

New details include

  • GlaDOS returns as the main enemy from the last game while Chell returns as the playable character.
  • The new Portal takes place a long time after the original and thus the complex has overgrown.
  • Those orbs seen at the end of the last Portal game are personality orbs. They’ve cornered off sections of the labs and are concerned about the decaying state of the complex.
  • The Portal gun remains unchanged.
  • Physics will now be part of portal puzzle solving. EG: A vent that sucks air in can be combined with a portal to ‘suck’ from a different location.
  • There is a new Paint mechanic, causing various liquid substances to cause some reaction.
  • Reflection cubes will allow Chell to reflect lazers for various puzzles.
  • The co-op campaign will have you playing as two bipedal robots.
  • There will be a Splitscreen mode for people playing on the same console, and picture in picture will be available for those playing online.

You can check out the screens over at palgn, needless to say they look pretty sweet.