Crackdown 2 DLC Details Revealed

Microsoft have been speaking to OXM regarding future downloadable content Today, and some interesting details have emerged.

The company has revealed that it intends to add the ability to save and share videos in Crackdown in future DLC, allowing users to show off what they can do. The replay ability will also allow users to save videos even when they are playing in the 4 player co-op mode.


They did go on to say that they wanted to get the functionality into the game, but that unfortunately it won’t be there at release because of the technical issues that four player co-op brings to the system.

Finally the senior test engineer John Noonan, Ruffian Games revealed that future DLC will actually be designed around how people play the game. This seems like a great idea to us and having seen the full game in action we couldn’t be any more excited to get out hands on Crackdown 2.