Crackdown 2 DLC Inbound

The first DLC for Crackdown 2 is “coming soon”. The DLC pack is called “Toy Box” and will feature some free content alongside some paid-for premium content.

The Keys to the City mode (which is free) is of particular note as it’s basically a repeat of the multi-faceted cheat mode that became available for the first Crackdown. It allows God Mode (invincibility) as well as infinite ammo, weapons spawning and ability upgrades. It increased the “crazy fun factor” of the first Crackdown by about a thousand percent so it is most welcome for the sequel.


Also to be welcomed is the new, free, Level 6 reward which gives agents who reach Level 6 ability on all skill sets a shiny new pair of boots which allow vertical thrust. This makes flight with the Wingsuit possible from any point on the map.

Finally, for the free content, is the new Vehicle Tag mode which is a multiplayer mode (up to eight players) around six arenas on the map.

The premium content DLC has even more to keep you going back to the game. The contents of this 540MSP pack are listed below.

  • Two New Vehicles: Access two new vehicles: the wall climbing aquatic mini-tank called the Agency ATV and the Squad Chopper, which allows four players to jump in and man their own weapon, including the proximity mine launcher, precision rocket launcher, twin machine guns and nose machine gun.
  • Five New Toys: Whether you’re soaring to greater heights or orchestrating a massive explosion, get creative with the following new toys: The Mass Driver (turreted gravity bending weapon), Portable Launch Pads (allows Agents to create their own launch pad jumps), Stickler Grenade (bouncing grenade that sets off smaller explosive charges as it bounces), Thrusters (allow vertical thrust), and Mags on Characters (allow Mag Grenades to be attached to characters).
  • Two Avatar Awards: Deck your Agent in the latest gear. “Toy Box” offers two Avatar Awards to customise your Xbox LIVE Avatar with the Xbox Green Suit (must complete the Rocketeer Achievement) and Green Helmet.
  • 10 New Achievements: Pacific City never sleeps and neither do the exploits. Industrious Agents will be rewarded with 10 new Achievements and 250 Gamerscore:
  • Eight Agent Suit Colours: Pick up eight new shades of in-game armour for your Agent:


  1. Crackdown 2 like the first was a silly boring mess of a game that after 20 mins bored me to tears

    • they were both very unfocussed with little narrative and a fair amount of repition but I really enjoy both games.

      The Key to the City stuff, in particular, is great fun.

      • Thought it was one of the most boring games I’ve played

  2. Sounds great. All I need now is the game.

  3. crackdown had potential, but for me I didn’t really use it.

  4. Looks pretty good. Still torn on whether or not to get this game.

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