Dirt 3 In Development

Codemasters vice president Gavin Cheshire has revealed to Edge that the company is currently working on Dirt 3.

Speaking to the magazine he said that the new game will have plenty of innovation as the team in Birmingham experiment with the latest game in the franchise.


The Vice President further stated the importance of  innovation in the new title saying,

I’m not saying we’re throwing all the codebase away, but we’re throwing the thoughts away and coming out with something fresh and new. Because if you don’t innovate, you’re dead.

Dirt 2 was of course quite a success for Codemasters, its gameplay certainly got the thumbs up from us as we awarded it an overall score of 9/10 and said that it was “probably the best arcade driving this generation.” So if Codemasters can capture the fun of the previous title and also improve on it, then the sky really is the limit.