GT5 Release Date Announced Soon

Pemrose Tackle, the European Brand Manager for SCEE has revealed that Sony will be announcing the release date for Gran Turismo 5 soon.

The Sony man was answering questions on the PlayStation Blog when he said “v.pleased you like the trailer. Completely understand that you guys are looking for a date. Please bear with us, we will be making an announcement on that soon.” He also went on to say that ‘the wait won’t be too much longer” and “we are planning to release further in-depth information on GT5 soon.”

All of these statements really got us thinking, how soon is soon? We know that there are no real gaming events on the horizon, other than E3 in the Summer, so where else would Sony announce a release date for such an important game? Is it going to come via the PlayStation Blog? We doubt that, not for one of the biggest franchises in PlayStation history.

So when and where will this announcement take place then? Looking at our gaming event calendar the only real possibility for a public announcement this month would be at PAX on the 26th March, though does it seem likely that the Penny Arcade Exhibition will be the place to host this announcement?

To be honest we have searched the internet for answers and we are guessing that if we asked, Sony won’t give anything away, so it looks like we will just have to wait and see.