The Kevin Butler Mega Montage

We all love a bit of Kevin Butler, easily Sony’s most valuable asset and the man behind potentially the funniest Sony commercials we’ve ever had.  Whilst we wait on a SCEE equivalent, TSA member ‘RedStarGlow’ has compiled all of Butler’s finest moments in one handy post, which we’re borrowing here for this lazy Sunday morning.  Hey, go tell Mum, or something.


Kevin Butler, the man of many titles, is:

  • Regional Manager of War
  • VP,PS3 Softball Team
  • VP of Epic Footage
  • Family Activities Director
  • VP of Enough is Enough
  • VP, Blu-ray Superiority
  • Director of Rumor Confirmation
  • VP, Big Action Moments
  • VP, First Person Shooter Relations
  • Chief Weaponoligist
  • VP of Big Deal Deal Making

And his videos?  Here you go:

  • GOW III – PS3 Commercial
    Kevin Butler, Regional Manager of War speaks with Sadie O’Dowd – Insignificant Other
    Memorable Part – “he’s been totally ignoring me”, GOW Office decor…..OUy1W_cJS4
  • MLB 10 – The Show
    Kevin Butler, VP,PS3 Softball Team speaks with Joe Mauer – Catcher, Minnesota Twins
    Memorable Part – Bathing Suit picture , “Dude! I am not even allowed in Mexico” “Well played Mauer!”…..CAJw8vbJWc
  • Mon Tage – PS3 Price cut
    Kevin Butler, VP of Epic Footage speaks with Alex Gross – Proud New Owner
    Memorable Part – “Two Words – Mon Tage”, Keven as a hair band rocker…
  • Desperate Dad – PS3 Family Entertainment
    Kevin Butler, Family Activities Director speaks with Aaron Howe – Desperate Dad
    Memorable Part – “Scrape likes you…”, “Buzz kill McGee”…..q0chHj14jY
  • Grandma Watching Blu-ray movies
    Kevin Butler, VP, Blu-ray Superiority speaks with Luke Hirshberg – Unhappy Grandchild
    Memorable Part – “You know how old people like free stuff”, “With a stick…”…
  • Rumor – PS3 $ 299
    Kevin Butler, Director of Rumor Confirmation speaks with Bernie Buncalan – Rumor Monger
    Memorable Part – “Confirm or deny”, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, thats how WWI got started”, “But all that stuff says $299″…
  • Uncharted 2 – Girlfriend thinks it is a movie.
    Kevin Butler, VP, Big Action Moments speaks with Jason Melvin – good Boyfriend
    Memorable Part – “Yeah, I’m gonna file this under ‘Not an issue’. ”…..aVsmnpEtE0
  • Rachet & Clank: A Crack in Time
    Kevin Butler, Chief Weaponoligist speaks with Unknown Name – Unknown Organization
    Memorable Part – “but ya know the weapons don’t really exist”, ” We’ll take all you got.. the money is already in your account”…
  • Best Buy Bravia & PS3
    Kevin Butler, VP of Big Deal Deal Making speaks with Nick DeVita – Best Buy NY,NY
    Memorable Part – “Boom!!”, “Boom to the power of Boom!”, ” Price check on aisle Boom”…

Thanks to RedStarGlow for all his hard work compiling the list.