MW2 UK’s Second Best Seller

Despite being priced above the usual RRP for retail games, Modern Warfare 2 has now become the second biggest selling game ever in the UK.

The news comes from Charttrack who reveal that the game has climbed one place in the all-time All Formats UK market, finally outpacing Rockstar’s GTA: San Andreas’ to claim second place, behind the UK’s biggest selling game of all time, ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ on DS.”


It is pretty impressive that Modern Warfare 2 has managed this feat, although it could be down to the fact that interest usually dwindles in GTA games soon after release, while multiplayer titles such as this one usually remain on the forefront of peoples thoughts.

This news comes after we revealed that Activison will be charging £10 for their latest DLC for the game and with sales figures like these, you can see why they are trying to make as much possibly can.