Majin: The Fallen Realm Trailer

Game Republic’s Folklore is a criminally overlooked RPG. Back when anti-Sony naysayers were chanting “No gamez” with a pointed finger toward the bare RPG cupboard, Folklore proffered up all the role-playing goodness you could want, if only you knew where to look for it.

Hopefully the studio’s next game, Majin: The Fallen Realm, will perform a little better and not get swept under the fantasy carpet.


A co-op tale featuring a thief and his magical pet (majin is Japanese for “genie/evil spirit” by the way), you’d be forgiven in thinking that someone has stole into the studios of Team ICO at night and made off with the concept, some design work and whatever else they could get their hands on of a certain other one-boy-and-his-furry-friend project.

With producer Yoshiki Okamoto of Street Fighter II and Resident Evil fame on board (he also worked on Game Republic’s first PS3 title – Genji: Days of the Blade) we’re sure to get a stellar gaming experience. Yes, there will be the inevitable comparisons to The Last Guardian, though we should mention that Majin started development before Team ICO’s upcoming title was announced.

Majin: The Fallen Realm is due out this year on both PS3 and Xbox 360.