Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom Dated

Namco Bandai have confirmed the release of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for November this year. Often compared to Team Ico’s The Last Guardian, Game Republic’s one boy and his beast tale has apparently been in development long before Trico reared its adorable, if a bit taxonomically ambiguous, head.

November is known as a big month in the annual game release calendar, big titles mysteriously appearing at just the right time for kids to hound their parents, the fruit of their persistent whining usually such games magically appearing in their Christmas stockings. Will Majin get lost in the avalanche of big-hitters? Time will tell.

Source: Press release


  1. Is that Tuffcub?

    • Id say No, Tuffcub’s vest would be tighter

    • & there are no priestly robes either!

  2. November? But i want it NOW :-(

  3. Definitely want to get this game…but Cataclysm will be taking all my free time.

  4. YES!! an new adventure!!!

  5. I hope it’s not an also-ran as I’d love to get into something different to the usual stuff we see coming off the factory line.

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