Game Room Has 56 Achievements

Microsoft has revealed the Achievements for Game Room, which is an Avatar powered (think Home, but without the silly bits) retro gaming arcade, launching for free on the Xbox LIVE Arcade service next week.

All in there are 56 achievements which when tallied up account for 1000 points. Unlocking any of the 56 achievements looks fairly straight forward, although there are a few which should take a while, such as “Machine not Man” which has you spend 24 hours playing in your arcade, and “Level 20”, which as the title suggests is awarded when you reach – yeah you guessed it – level 20, RPG style.


It’s a pretty clever way of doing things because the Achievements aren’t based around specific games, so you can buy which ever games you fancy (games vary in price, and quality) and still go for those Achievements.  Looks like you’ll be able to decorate your Arcade, too – I can’t wait!

You can check out the full list over at Inside MGC (via VG247), and read our hands-on impressions of Game Room from San Francisco, here.