Tretton Talks E3 / Cage Talks More Heavy Rain

SCEA boss Jack Tretton was talking about E3 last night, promising that the company will have a lot to talk about and also revealing that he can promise consumers that Killzone 3 will be released.

The Sony man was talking to Gamestrailers about the future, mentioning  3DTV, PlayStation Move and also what is to come later in the year, saying that GDC was “the frosting on the cake” and that he “will be bringing the batter to E3.”

Mr Tretton was also asked about Killzone 3 during the interview and he mentioned that the game is on the way, although he stopped short of promising that it will be revealed at E3.

During the show, other interesting information was also revealed, such as David Cage revealing that the next Quantic Dream game is already written, although he did reveal that the next story is going to be “very different and very surprising,” before teasing that we may see it sooner than we think.

You can watch the full show below.