GeoHot Runs CFW On PS3

The latest PS3 firmware update which removed the ability to install and run an alternative operating system caused all sorts of controversy, at the time GeoHot informed Sony he would retaliate by running custom firmware. With his latest blog posting it appears he has lived up to his promise and he demonstrates running OtherOS from a unit running a custom version of v3.21

He goes on to report that it’s installable by restoring the custom PUP file but only for people who so far haven’t upgraded to the latest version and are running v3.15 or earlier, interestingly he also mentions that it may be possible to enable OtherOS on PS3Slims which have never had the option available to them. You can check out the CFW running in the vid below.


TheSixthAxis wishes to be clear that we do not condone any activity that breaks agreements with console manufacturers. Hacking the firmware of a console is a breach of the agreement you enter into when you sign on to use the online services. Aside from being potentially illegal, it is also potentially unsafe and probably voids your warranty. We don’t think this is a very good idea at all, no matter how much you want to see linux run on your PlayStation.

Source: GeoHotPS3 Via: TheLostGamer.