LBP: Game Of The Year

Batman is going to be miffed.

From Friday April 16th you will be able to spend twenty four pounds and ninety nine pennies of United Kingdom currency and purchase Little Big Planet: Game Of The Year Edition. As well as the game, the pack includes the Metal Gear Solid DLC, 15 brand new levels and a selection of non licensed DLC – so expect the History pack rather than Sonic.

I’m begining to think our own numerical challenged DJ-Katy is in charge of dishing out Game Of The Year awards as there seems to be an awful lot of them. On the other hand, Uncharted 2 has won no less than 100 ‘Game Of The Year’ Awards from various sites and publications but there is still no sign of that getting a ‘Game Of The Year’ edition. Confuzzuled? Me too.

Source: MCV

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