New Releases: April 19th – 25th

Another slow week, though we do finally get our hands on the canine-tastic Dead To Rights: Retribution – a game likely to enrage henchmen support groups and animal rights activists alike. Other than that, we also get an iconic arcade title for XBL and the PSN, while the “weird shit from Japan” quota is made up with a new title that has already displayed some amazing schizophrenic tendencies. Oh, and another 360 exclusive. Who said Microsoft had less exclusives this year? Oh … console exclusives. Gotcha.


After Burner Climax

Release date: April 21st (April 22nd on PS3)
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Sega AM2
Developer: Sega

Synopsis: Based on the arcade sequel of seminal fighter sim After Burner, ‘Climax’ hits digital distribution this week. Not much to say about AB:C to be honest, other than the fact that you get to fly an F/A-18E Super Hornet or an F-15E Strike Eagle, while the legendary F-14 Tomcat is now replaced with an F-14D Super Tomcat. The Super means it goes faster (I have no idea if that’s true or not).  It’s Top Gun action* for under a tenner. You can’t go wrong with that.

*Not that type of action. Kelly McGillis is not included. At least, not for that price.



Release date: April 23rd
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Cavia

Synopsis: We’re not even going to attempt to unravel the arcane mystery as to which Nier (or NieR or even NIER) this is; if the protagonist is looking for his daughter or his sister (Or both? banjos at the ready folks), or if this one is exclusive to a particular console on one side of the moon, while the other is available to everyone, but only if you’ve accepted Jesus as your personal saviour.

OK, we kid, we know which one it is. Known as NieR: Gestalt in Japan (where it’s exclusive to the 360), Nier to the rest of us is a third-person perspective action RPG featuring the titular character searching to find a cure for the dreaded Black Scrawl virus, an infliction his daughter is stricken by. Famitsu gave Nier 34/40 so it looks to be a solid action title. No, wait, that was for Nier: Replicant; the other Nier. Crap. Eh, they’re very similar.  It’ll do.

Dead To Rights: Retribution

Release date: April 23rd
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Volatile Games

Synopsis: There’s nothing more relaxing than taking your dog for a walk before watching him munch the face off a local tearaway after the recurring – and often quite fatal – mistake of wondering if the dog bites is made. No, he does chew though.

Jack Slate and his faithful hairy companion Shadow return in Dead To Rights: Retribution, an action tale set in crime saturated Grant City. For the first time in the series, Shadow is now playable. Yes, you can finally fulfill that life-long dream of chasing cats, licking your nether regions and then finally pouncing on an unwary foe and helping yourself to some tasty lip-flavoured treats.

Early reports claim the game was so violent (especially the whole biting bad guys’ nads attack) that the studio had to tone down some of the more sinister and vicious scenes on offer. It’s nice to know that you can blow a guy’s head clean off in a game, but become a dog and go for the crown jewels, and the censors are up in arms. Or balls. Whatever.

Dark Star One: Broken Alliance

Release date: April 16th
Platforms: 360
Publisher: Ascaron
Developer: CDV Software

Synopsis: Those 360 ‘exclusives’ just keep on coming. First released back in 2006, the Broken Alliance flavour of Dark Star One is a console rendition of the previously PC-only space simulator. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about this game until putting in some research to see what was coming out this week and, once again holding up my hands in admission, I stopped reading when I got to the part about “meeting a beautiful woman with a chequered past.”

You can fly through 300 solar systems and engage in battle with six alien races. Eurogamer gave Dark Star One on the PC an 8/10, likening it to a next-gen Elite. Who knows, this could be the dog’s nuts for some gamers. (Again with the testicle references.)

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