BioWare Working On DAO Issues

Old-school investigations underway.

Reported over at Eurogamer, issues with Dragon Age: Origins post Sony’s PS3 3.30 firmware update (covered here this morning on TheSixthAxis) are actively been investigated by the developer, likely ruling out the possibility of a further firmware release to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, BioWare are unable to recreate the issues on development kits and are hence asking the community to send in as much information as possible to help pinpoint the reason why the game is now regularly crashing for users.

On the game’s active forum, BioWare’s Fernando Melo says:

“Thanks again for your patience. It is pretty clear that despite this affecting other titles, that it has impacted on DA substantially. We’re hopeful there is something we can do from our end to work around whatever was introduced in 3.3. In the meantime, please continue to send us information that will help us narrow this down.”

One possible culprit is how the game communicates “social” information at save points, as it’s been noted how Avatar, a Blu-ray disc that has also reported issues post 3.30, sends information to its web-site during playback; something the two have in common.

Those affected may want to head over to the following thread to aid in the recovery mission / spit venom at people who are working hard to fix the problem and could really do without your melodramatics right now.

Source: Eurogamer

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