TC’s Massive Poll: TSA Election

We’re taking a break from the norm with the Massive Poll this week as if you live in the UK then you will of been bombarded by Election news wherever you go and TSA has not been immune. Politicians have promised tax breaks for game developers and have been making flying visits to gawp at screens and pretend they know who Sonic is.

This week it’s time to decide who is going to run the country so I thought it would be an interesting to see if the views of TSA match those of country. This weeks Massive Poll is all about politics – if you could vote in the election, who would you vote for? TSA is an equal opportunities voter so you can all vote, it doesn’t matter if you are under the legal age for voting, live in Holland or are a bad tempered lesbian hacker, all votes are welcome.

The poll will close at midnight on Wednesday and Thursday morning I shall publish the results, and Friday we can see if the rest of the country agrees with TSA. Voting is totally anonymous, and yes, the Greens, UKIP, BNP and the rest are all grouped under ‘Other’ else we’d have a poll with 20 possible selections.

Will the UK be sensible and agree with TSA? Get voting and find out on Friday. It’s mildly exciting, isn’t it!