God OF War Writer For Shank

I shall readily admit that Shank had passed well under my radar until today but after hearing God Of War scribe Marianne Krawczyk has signed up to write the story my little furry ears perked up.

Ms. Krawczyk picked up a Bafta for her work with Kratos and has fleshed out the Shank characters and created a ‘unique story of full frontal revenge’. Not just revenge, full frontal revenge. I am not entirely sure what entails but I expect the ESRB can’t wait to find out. The game has already picked up an award for “Excellence in Visual Art” at this year’s Independent Games Festival.

Check out the trailer below for some side on hack and slash action… waitaminute.. how can a side scrolling game have ‘Full frontal’ revenge?

Source: Shankblog.