EA Gathers Some Of Its Games Into A Bundle, Calls It An “Indie Bundle”

This may cause headaches and perhaps an apocalypse, but it seems EA are releasing an ‘indie’ bundle.

Noticed by IndieGameMag.com, the mega-publisher has registered a bundle for Steam called the ‘EA Indie Bundle’ containing 6 rather great games:


They’re all genuinely good games, but they’re not indie games as they were published by EA. That just makes this a bundle rather than an indie bundle – not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

There’s no word on prices yet, nor dates, though we can safely expect it pretty soon.

Source: IndieGameMag



  1. That title made me laugh out loud.
    But do EA seriously think they can cash in on the wave of indie bundles with this farce? Yes, it sounds good, but suspicious that they called it the ‘indie’ bundle. Reminds me of Mega64’s ‘Indie man’.

  2. I don’t get, it’s inherently not an indie bundle.

  3. I’m just surprised it’s coming to Steam, normally EA try to push Origin exclusivity these days.

    • It could be both! All the games are already out on Steam, so I guess this is an easy way to make a bit more money off of them.

  4. Shite.

  5. seems a bit of a shitty thing to do, in my opinion.
    how many sales will they take away from genuine indie developers with this?

    makes their bleating about losing sales to the preowned market more than a little hypocritical.

    • How does this have anything to do with their opinions on the pre-owned market? They’re releasing a bundle of games. And why would it take away from indie developers? It’s irrelevant what they call it. No one is going to look at that and think “ahh I’ll buy these six games because EA says their indie”. They’re going to look at them and think, “there’s six pretty good games, for cheap. Done.”

      Your point doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      • because some people like to support the smaller indie developers.

        they’re misleading people, telling them something that is not true.

        my point is, they go on about how preowned costs them sales, and how much money they’re losing because of it.
        but then they don’t give a shit about taking sales away from legitimate indie developers that need those sales a hell of a lot more than ea do.

        i’ll admit though, i’m not objective when it comes to ea.
        i despise them, i think they’re greedy scum, not the worst company in the us, but certainly the worst in this industry.

      • To be fair though, anyone who has even a scrap of common sense will know that EA is quite clearly not an indie developer & will therefore scoff at the name. I don’t think they’ll be fooling anyone with the title at least.

        If they price it right & people buy it though, then good on them. I agree with the lig in that they won’t have taken any sales away from any indies with this.

        Why they didn’t just call it ‘value bundle’ or something more intelligent is beyond me though.

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