PS3 Games Outsell 360 In Europe

News today from the Nintendo end of year financial results – they outsold everything. No surprises there, however according to the data in their presentation the Playstation 3 games are outselling the Xbox 360 by a considerable factor. The data is supplied by GFK International so it’s a reputable source.

Ignoring the Nintendo titles the first entry is at number 4 with Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3, followed by Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PS3, the God Of War 3 and Heavy Rain before the 360 finally makes an appearance with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at number 12.


The first XBox exclusive is Mass Effect 2 down at number 15 and perhaps buoyed by the recent DLC, GTA IV makes an unscheduled return on PS3 at number 28.

Source: Nintendo.