Sony: We’ve Got To Push Boundaries

The UK sales director of Sony Computer Entertainment has told MCV that it is their job to push the boundaries of video games.

Mark Howsen stated: “The industry is dependant on creativity, new product and new ideas.” He added that it was Sony’s “role” as a platform holder to invest in games that dare to push the boundaries.


Sony’s most recent investment in ‘creativity’ came in the form of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, which proved to be a critical and commercial success. But UK PR boss – David Wilson –  used Ico as an example of how critical acclaim doesn’t always lead to sales.

Ico is the shining example where we did something that was critically acclaimed but only did, I think I’m right, three figure sales in its first week and 50,000 overall…It was unbelievable.

Years later it’s still being held up as one of the best games ever made, one of the top five on PS2. The sequel did better.

But, even though this game may not have been financially worth the risk, he added that Sony has to invest in new IP; a point reinforced by Howsen who said that if they don’t, “we’re all in trouble.”

Source: MCV