DC Universe Online Coming November

DC Universe Online, SOE’s perpetually in development super-hero MMO, has received a a tentative release date of November 2010. The date comes by way of yet another IGN preview of the game, with the guys getting a chance to break into Harley Quinn’s underground lair and rescue snot-nosed Robin. The preview appears to have gone well; IGN’s Greg Miller particularly impressed with the environments on offer. He says:

“This was the best looking environment I’ve seen to date in DC Universe Online. It was a dank, underground place packing shadows that gave off that dark and foreboding feel. Meanwhile, Harley had smeared these red streaks on the floor and scrawled all sorts of messages around the place for nosey heroes to find. It was twisted — just like you’d think it should be.”

As previously reported, the game allows you to create a superhero/villain and rank up in a world (or, bear with us, universe) populated with DC’s most iconic and favourite super-people. Expect to see stalwarts Superman, Batman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern et. al. jumping in and out of your missions. ’Help’ the legends and you might even unlock some cool swag like a Justice League communicator. (Gee whizz, thanks Nightwing!)


2010 was supposed to be the year of the PS3 MMO. If DC Universe does manage to materialise at the tail-end of this year, we could still see that sea change of console gamers gravitating toward bigger, persistent gaming experiences everyone keeps talking about.

Source: IGN