41.7 Billion Dollars Lost To Piracy

More than 41.7 billion dollars has been lost to piracy since 2004. The organisers of the Tokyo Games Show, Computer Entertainment Supplier Association (catchy name), have produced a study to show how much piracy has hurt the industry. The study in question only looks at the top 20 handheld games (DS and PSP) between 2004 and June 2009 in Japan.

They’ve calculated the figures by using the cost of games; the ratio of sales to illegal downloads for Japan and then multiplying the number by 4. They have assumed that Japan accounts for 25% of the handheld market but having not included file sharing websites these figures could be well below the actual numbers.


Their study also shows where most of the servers are with USA at number one followed by China. These two countries accounted for 60% of the total. The most number of visits list also see USA at the top this time followed by Japan and then China.

Looking at these figures it is easy to see why, despite the PSP Go’s failure, downloads will probably still be the future of handheld gaming. Get buying those downloads now because it is unlikely you’ll be seeing a UMD slot in the PSP 2.

Source: Softpedia