PSPgo Also Gets Hacked

This week, we’ve already had the discovery of the PS3’s private rootkeys, and the launch of a dodgy custom firmware, but now it seems to be the PSP’s time in the hacking spotlight. Videos doing the rounds today show an ISO loader running on the previously hack-proof PSPgo.

Sony’s battle against homebrew and piracy on the PSP is well-documented, and the PSPgo (with its non-removable) battery was seen as another counter to the seedy underworld of the portable’s community. But now a figure by the name of Wololo has got a homebrew ISO loader working on the console, which means games ripped from UMD – or downloaded illegally – can be played.


The videos show a PSPgo running Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a title that only got a UMD release, and never appeared on the PSN Store. Obviously there are other reasons for getting homebrew working on the PSPgo, but in not managing to get every retail release up on the Store, and therefore limiting what PSPgo owners can play, Sony have given the hackers yet another reason to break into the console.

Source: NeoGAF, via VG247.

TheSixthAxis does not condone piracy and does not recommend the modification of your console – doing so is against the Terms of Use of the console and is possibly illegal.



  1. Well playing Kingdom Hearts is indeed a logical reason to do that. I envy the bugger.

  2. Sony were asking for this when they went digital only and did not upload the back catalogue of UMD games.

  3. If you buy a UMD copy of the game, then download it like this, is that considered legal still? Ive heard that it isn’t illegal to run custom firmware, only to illegally download games without owning a license for them (which is essentially what you do when you purchase a game).

    • BTW i am against piracy, it ruins companies, but i can see why people do this kind of hacking after experiencing the freedom of the android platform.

      • NO, it is only iegal to download and play a game that you yourself do not own…
        Emulation is legal provided you own the debce you are emulating and the game(s) you download…
        At least I think it goes like that :P

      • It is only *illegal*
        provided you own the *devices*

        Stupid iPod :L

      • Copying stuff you own is still unlawful in many parts of the world, pretty sure it is in UK/EU/US unless the DMCA and equivalents allowed it.

      • I think UK law allows you to make copies of a digital product that you already own, but the EULA usually contradicts this.

    • Well i dunno, the exact copy of the game you own is not the exact copy of the game the download image has been made from?

      • Standard response is that you only own the disc – as in that bit of plastic or whatever it is that costs less than a quid to make. Whatever’s on it is legally the property of the publisher.

  4. Was always tempted to run custom fw on my psp2000 as i wanted youtube and things like that, couldnt be arsed in the end, hardly use it, its more a nostalgia trip for the ps1 final fantasy games now!

    • YouTube DOES work on the PSP 2000.

  5. Not a good week for Sony at all…

  6. Will they see the sales of PSPGo’s increase now?

    • Was thinking the same thing.

  7. good time to own a pspgo.

    if you want rid of it, you could make a fortune on ebay.

  8. why can’t hackers use thier powers for good, not evil

  9. I really do think that piracy is the only reason anyone will buy a PSPGO (or perhaps just as a huge incentive)

    i would buy a GO right this moment if i knew i could pirate games on it, however thats the ONLY reason id buy a GO.
    Is it wrong? yes.
    but at least we would see a increase in GO sales

  10. all i gotta say is i hope sony has something to fight with against this turds.

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