Blacklight Shows off its HRV

We’re following the progress of Blacklight: Tango Down with some interest. We’ve watched it grow from the first announcement screen shots which still looked a bit raw right up to this assured-looking video footage.

They’re showing off the Hyper Reality Visor, a futuristic technology based on real, existing tech which can locate enemy bodies using cell towers and satelites. The HRV relays the information back to each soldier on the battlefield in real time but, in Blacklight: Tango Down, the player will not be able to shoot while the system is engaged. This introduces a risk/reward aspect and, we think, makes the game all the more interesting.


Looking good, considering this is a downloadable (PSN, XBLA) title, isn’t it? There is a film and comic series in development too, so expect to see a lot more of it.