Blacklight: Tango Down Dated for PS3

Lost in the annals of time, you may have completely forgotten the fact that Zombie Studio’s Blacklight: Tango Down went dark on the PS3 sometime around July, and then never went light again. Releasing on the PC and 360 to average scores (low to middle 60s according to Metacritic: the authority on critcal number-crunching), we were told the PS3 version would surface again in the near future, then radio silence until this communique squawked through the interference. Two words: October and twenty-six (Okay, technically three words. It’s late, who’s counting?)


Jared Gerritzen, Lead Designer at Zombie Studios, informs:

“Fans flocked to Blacklight over the summer because the game offered the most extensive array of gameplay and features ever brought to the DLG venue – for just 15 bucks.

“Now with full updates, brand-new content and the ability to Join in Progress, PSN players will truly see the game at its best.”

Anything better than the bug-show we experienced on the other platforms will suffice, Jared.

Source: Press release (Thanks CNWLshadow)



  1. What I dislike about this game is lack of blood and gore. After like 15 minutes instantly vanishing corpses & no gore gets really boring.

    • No blood really ruins games these days.

      Yes… That was sarcasm…

    • Well I think having no blood is one of the minor issues buddy. Vanishing bodies will get old, but if the game was actually good, then it won’t matter as much.

  2. Great, now I can look at it’s logo on the Store as I make my way to the latest episode of FirstPlay.

  3. £4.99 on Steam, got to be a reason for that!

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