Square Enix: Lots Of Announcements This Year

It’s one thing for your E3 announcements to be leaked by a dodgy mobile snap, it’s another when it’s your own staff leaking your E3 announcements to a magazine. Tetsuya Nomura, of Square Enix, has been telling GameInformer that “Starting with E3 and through winter, there are a number of titles I am involved in that will be announced.”

The first of those he has confirmed is a new Kingdom Hearts which will be announced at E3 though he doesn’t name a platform for the game.

Whether these others announcements will mean Final Fantasy surprises like Microsoft’s FF13 announcement in 2008 or Sony’s FF14 Online one in 2009 is anyone guess. Even if Kingdom Hearts is the only one at E3 it would still be a seen as a big announcement as the series was one of the biggest selling on the PS2 and is yet to make a home console debut this generation.

Nomura is also working on Final Fantasy Verses XIII but he had little to say about the game apart from that development was going smoothly and the team was taking it “one step at a time”.

Source: Pushsquare