Kojima’s E3 Countdown

Hideo Kojima messed with our heads countless times last year in the run up to E3. Countdowns led to more countdowns, all of which ended with announcements of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and the game Kojima refers to as Metal Gear Solid 5 (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).

Well, E3 is next week so guess what has appeared on the Kojima Productions section on the Konami website? You guessed right, another countdown due to end in four days. That takes us until June 15th which I believe is the same day as the Sony press conference.


The site currently shows a 6 by 5 grid of small video clips. All of them show something being sliced. To be honest I don’t have a clue what it has to do with, so far my best guess is a director’s “cut”. I guess we’ll find out at E3 next week.

Source: Kojima Productions



  1. I own all the MGS Games, Playstation, PSP and Cubeage.

    However I would buy HD Remakes in a heartbeat….

    Kojima little puzzle though is probably something to do with Castlevania….

  2. MGS Peacewalker HD PSN download? it was talked about and E3 would be the place to reveal it…MGS 6?

    • There is the rumour of MGS5. That would come out before 6 since Peace Walker doesn’t have 5 in the title.

  3. I’d bet pound to penny on a subsistance, and i have been waiting for this announcent.

  4. I quit on this a long time ago, but I still wish for MGS4 trophies. Anyway those clips have something similar, knife’s… So it must be related to Rising and Raiden’s Sword.

    • They aren’t all knives. There are other things such as pliers in there too. The emphasis seems to be more on ‘cut’ than ‘blade’.

  5. I think that it just MAY have something to do with cutting/slicing, just a thought…..

  6. There are multiple things I’m hoping to see at E3 this year MGS wise.

    1.MGS4: Subsistance
    2.Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 remakes
    3. MGS Peace walker PS2/PS3 versions

    I’m still not convinced the guy we see in MGS rising teasers is Raiden, it could be Gray Fox adding more fire to the MG and MG2 remakes!

    • It won’t be called MGS4: Subsistence. It will likely be MGS4:S——-, seeing as there’s been MGS2: Substance and MGS3: Subsistence.

      I don’t think announcing Peace Walker as a PSN download would be big enough news for this kind of thing. Would be interested in MG & MG2 remakes though.

      • I know it won’t be called MGS4 Subsistance but I’m at an odds to call it something else lol. I must admit the MG & MG2 remakes are the things i’m hoping for most though!

  7. I’ve put together the flashes of the kanji symbols in one image. Feel free to post it up. http://www.poorpaddyproductions.com/external-files/kojimateaser12.jpg

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