MGS2 Nearly had Multiplayer

Kojima Productions just got an online facelift, with its blog site getting a revamp yesterday, along with the release of the translated original design document for Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PS2. On reading its thirty eight pages, one of the most interesting design points reveals Kojima originally had planned for MGS2 to have a multiplayer mode – way before we saw online modes appear on MGS3 and MGO on MGS4.

Two Player Versus Mode:
This will be a mode for split-screen two player battles in certain areas from the game. It will be compatible with system link-up as well. Players can either fight each other or play a hide-and-seek type game. An examination of successful titles in America makes it clear that this an essential mode for this type of game.

Clearly, the mode never made it through to the final game, which is a shame, as the hide-and-seek gameplay really never came across in Metal Gear Online from later instalments. However, how the team planned for split-screen hide and seek is questionable, and possibly why the idea never came to fruition.


Metal Gear Solid 2 is an old game. It’s nearly ten years old, but still holds it own against its successors, and still carries stronger story arcs over modern games. The only-recently-translated document was never intended for public eyes, and it’s interesting to see the original ideas, and to see how Kojima’s mind was working when Konami developed the game. Check out the document on the Kojima Productions website for more.

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  1. sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder why they didn’t use it. maybe or CD space

    • spiltscreen hide and seek wouldn’t really be hiding and seeking since you could just see where they were hiding.

    • what gurglesletch said.

  2. It wouldn’t work, multiplayer got accessible by the Xbox (let’s face it), and then the PS3 followed that.
    most of us didn’t have decent connections to start with..!!

    • Multiplayer didnt get accessable by the xbox. There have been plenty of games that had splitscreen options before the xbox was thought about. The problem is nowadays everyone only thinks about multiplayer as an online function.

    • Did you ever have timesplitters, I’ll assume you were on drugs before making that redundant comment

      • I thought it was clear when said “most of us didn’t have decent connections to start with” that I was talking about online multiplayer.

      • Oh, good lord. I sank hundreds of hours into the second one. Over a thousand in future perfect. Still my favorite split screen shooter. I hope Crytek lets the Free Radical guys finish the new one some time.

  3. Well, its best they remake this make with that feature…eaah? :D

  4. thats a fan site not the actual kojima productions site.

    • Yep. Made it sound like it was official, whoops. :)

  5. holy crap! Let’s have another Substance with this in there aswell & get it on the PS Store!!

  6. Hmmm, dunno how well this would actually work. I suppose I liked MGO, so it’s plausible, even though it’s a little different.

    • I hated MGO, when i got past the updates.

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