New 360 “July” For Europe

Weren’t one of the lucky few to get a free new Xbox 360 from MicroOprah at the end of their keynote over in LA? Happy nonetheless that the new sleeker model is shipping today? We have some bad news. Microsoft_360 have just tweeted that the new model won’t be in stores across the pond (that’s here in case you were wondering) until next month. They stated:

New Slim Xbox 360 console will be available in Europe on July 16th.

Source: Twitter


  1. What you mean the slightly meted elite? XD

  2. Time for gamestop to make some trade-in deals. I wouldn’t mine getting rid of my 120gb ELITE, if the new “slam” is actually quiet.

  3. MicroOprah? I don’t get it.

    • Oprah is renowned for giving everyone in the audience swag at the end of her show. Cars, holidays, new kitchens ..

  4. Europe left in the cold again? Say it ain’t so -_-

  5. Misleading or what? :p

  6. Guess i will not be getting this then after such a huge disappointment :P

    jk, but i will not be getting it anyway

  7. i had a quick look on and it said mid july.
    shame, but for now my xbox is working so i don’t need it, though i would love that bigger hard drive.
    i wonder if the hard drives are interchangeable.

    • they’re not, they’re completely different and housed inside the 360, although you can’t upgrade with a normal drive like the PS3, error i think.

  8. btw: – sums up that MS E3 pretty well.

  9. Cool but not worth the upgrade for me not enough games though I do enjoy mr wake

  10. I love the way Microsoft boast that it’s shipping tomorrow and then has to quietly post on Twitter that the other 90% of the world has to wait a month! Could they be any more misleading? no. no they couldn’t =/

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