Pong PS3 / PSP Leaked

It’s all HD this, 3D that, Kinect, Move and shake your tail feather at the moment, so what better time to stick two fingers up at silly 3D upgrades and reveal the original, great grand-daddy of all home video games is making a return to the PlayStation 3. Yes, Pong is back!

Helpfully revealed by the ESRB, the game is to be published by original creators Atari and is listed as a PS3/PSP game, usually indicating a Mini title. The game is already available on the Xbox games room and sadly the ESRB rating gives no other details. It appears we will not be getting a HD 3D motion controlled version with ‘jiggling breasts’.

Source: ESRB



  1. I have Pong on my old Amiga ;-)

    • Did you ever play Power Pong on the Amiga? ….that was sweet!

      • I have a pong in my pants….sorry I know that was crap

  2. I remember my dad had an old console, it was some bright orange brick looking thing and im sure the only game it played was pong!

    • I had something similar, it was bright orange but as well as Pong you could play 2 and 4 player ‘tennis’.

    • yeah i had it too, its the grandstand (remember them? astro wars FTW!!) pong console, it had american football (lol) and squash… oh the memories :)

  3. Oldschool. But I can’t see myself get entertained by moving a stick up and down for an extended period of time…

    • Indeed not. That’s what the wife is for!

      • Why aren’t you on stage Mike??

      • Banned from live venues around the UK, mate. ;-)

  4. i think that they should sell it at full retail price and then every few weeks add different backgrounds for dlc and charge £2 for each. but then again, i work for activision.

  5. What, no breast pong?

  6. I had a Pong console in the 80’s, obviously not an original must have been a re-issue. It had 4 wired-in controlllers with a knob you had to turn to control the up/down movement.

  7. I used to have (and maybe still do) a Binatone B&W TV Game (it’s actual name). It too had rotating knob controllers. You could play tennis, football, squash and solo squash. It’s amazing how something so simple kept people entertained for hours.

  8. Oh no the pain, although I liked Bishi Bashi Specials version!!!

  9. I reckon they’ll add in some ridiculous features to this and ruin it…

    • guns, combos, a multiball option ball/bullet time cam that tracks the winning ball’s path past your oponents paddle with a swirly cam – all set to a thumping techno soundtrack?

      Additional DLC map packs featuring backgrounds from older iterations of pong, including “plain black” and “uniform black” – to be made available within one week of launch at a price of £10.99

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