Driver: San Francisco Trailer

While we have a recap of Ubisoft’s keynote event on the way, what better way to experience the thrills of racing through the Bay Area in Driver: San Francisco than checking out the footage yourself?

Considering Ubisoft’s Driver revival has been churning around the rumour-mill for years, it’s a mite disappointing that what we finally get is a pre-rendered cinematic. It does manage to (re)introduce main protagonist Tanner along with his crimelord nemesis Jericho, however, while also showing off the spirit of what we’re hoping will be a rejuvenated franchise. Consider this an early precursor to something we’re hoping will be quite special.

Stay after the credits and you’ll also get a look at a pretty nifty pre-order bonus in the form of a Dodge Challenger toy car careening (possibly) into oblivion. It’s all very Streets of San Francisco if you ask us. Bom-chicka-wah-wah!



  1. Didn’t look half as impressive as NFS Hot Pursuit, which I think is a fair comparison.

  2. I got the original driver on my iphone recently, some games are best left in your memory

    • I tried the demo version- no where near as good as the ps1 experience.

  3. I’ll reserve judgement proper until a gameplay video, but I liked it.

    Love the Driver games, even Driv3r which many disliked. So I’m looking forward to this. I don’t think it’s really like Hot Pursuit ^^, I think it’s a bit more like The Getaway…

  4. Armored car Vs dodge- the outcome will never look good.

  5. Cool, I hope it’s as good as the PS1 games.

  6. I thought the gameplay looked a bit pre-alpha so i was surprised when they said it was playable at their booth.

  7. Didn’t tanner just commit suicide?

    • Oh wait until the catchup. Ubisoft are happy to ruin the tension.

  8. So they both died in the trailer then? That was a pretty poor trailer to be honest. Myabe I was just spoiled by the NFS: Hot Pursuit one.

  9. I was on my pc last night so I thought I’d stick around until the timer on the Driver website reached zero(1am).
    Was it worth the wait?….No, all we got was – new content will appear soon. What a let down!

  10. loving the sub heading by the way ;)
    and i’ll wait till i say gameplay

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