Exclusive: ‘Real Steel’ Game

Real Steel is a forthcoming film starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline ‘Lost’ Lilly and is based on Richard Matheson’s short story ‘Steel’.

The film is set in a near future world where boxing matches between humans have been outlawed and now custom built robots do the fighting. Imagine a cross between Robot Wars, Terminator and UFC and you could be along the right lines.

Jackman plays a down-on-his luck Robot Boxing promoter who discovers a discarded robot that always seems to win and ‘trains’ the robot.

The story has previously been adapted for the classic TV series ‘The Twighlight Zone’ and soon it’s your turn at robo-boxing as the game of the film has just been unofficially announced by the producer of the film, Don Murphy.

Source: Don Murphy



  1. been hearing about the film and it sounds interesting, seems like it’d be perfect for a game too if they concentrate on the robot fighting aspect.

  2. Sounds good

  3. Possible plot hole here.. Why would anyone discard, or indeed need to train a robot that always seems to win..?

    • surely you program the robot to fight?

  4. Ok so the game had potential to be GREAT! It had potential to be a wonderful game. The demo was awesome. The movie itself was really good. The game is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. We purchased the $10 game for our son only to find out that every single thing has to be purchased! Not only do you have to purchase the program to put the colors on your robot, you have to purchase each part (each bot is $10 or can buy parts for $2 ea). you have to buy your oils and repair kits. This is not in game money…this is real life money you are spending to buy all of these things separately! What a horrible game! The guys love playing it with what they have but come the frack on! You have to buy moves and taunts….moves and taunts that are already unlocked for the computer to use…but you have to pay extra to use them too. It is disgustingly money grubbing. I think I just threw up a little….

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