Real Steel: The Game Trailer

Launching on the PSN today is the game-of-the-movie, Real Steal.

The trial and unlock version on the PSN store features four robots from the film and the full game promises over 100 million part combinations.


The PSN title concentrates on robots whacking each other in the face and sensibly ignores Hugh Jackman and father/son bonding experiences.

The game has been developed by YUKE, a team who has worked on WWE games including Smackdown Vs Raw 2011.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Well I guess that was pretty inevitable, I guess at least there’s less to go wrong with a fighter than a story based film tie in.

    I’m amazed that the film seems to be getting such a high IMDB average given how pony the trailer looked.

  2. I guess this could work

  3. “Metal on metal robot boxing action”. If those six words won’t make you buy the game, nothing will. Well, aside from “It hasn’t got Hugh Jackman in”.

  4. Made me think about Star Wars Droidworks for the PC with all that customisation. Btw did i spot an iron man style chestplate and a ‘Samus’ bot

  5. Interesting tactic to go for a more subdued PSN release rather than a full £40 movie tie-in – I am not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing though.

    At least it costs less i guess.

    • Worked well for Scott Pilgrim.

      • Ah yes, i had forgotten about Scott Pilgrim – Good call.

        Doesn’t quite get the ‘worldwide release’ effect of course (as i know people that have never even checked the PSN store), but at the same time doesn’t get tagged with the ‘worldwide failure’ effect that most movie tie-ins get either.

  6. But the film is just Rock’em Sock’em Robots the movie, so this is a game of a movie, of a game… Interesting..?

  7. OH DEAR!

  8. Interesting, i really hope punches are not the only moves. I hope they go OTT with it. I’m going to need a demo before i can form an opinon on it. It has potential.

    • Considering they are boxing robots, i would imagine that punches are indeed the only moves.

      I would expect them to have slightly more variety than ‘jab’, ‘cross’ & ‘uppercut’ though.

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