Medal Of Honour E3 Trailer

Over in the US there are over 2 million military airmen, seamen soldiers and marines, but only a couple of hundred are classed as Tier-1 operatives. In Medal Of Honour you get to play as one of these highly classified personnel who operate on a higher level than Special Forces.

Over at E3, EA have just shown the first multiplayer footage. As you can see, your tour of duty takes in Kabul and Helmand Province in Afghanistan, and yes, that is a roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device) being detonated by mobile phone.




  1. Honour? Honor? Looks great anyway!

  2. it’s basically a sexier version of COD4 with less of the flaws and more of DICE’s sound wizadry and mechanics.
    for someone who played 400 hours of COD4 (very embarassing) and hated MW2 a lot, I am loving this

    • How do you know all of this from a trailer?

      Probably better off waiting till you’ve actuall played it before passing judegement, but lets hope you’re right.

      I wonder if people being blown up by IED’s in a game, as is actually happening daily in Afghanistan, will cause as much “controversy” as No Russian in MW2?

  3. Woah woah woah, dice? Im in!

  4. I want this now. Looks so good.

  5. Although i would have preferred some single player footage, it did look impressive. I’m steering clear of cod so it’s good to know there’s at least one good alternative on the way.

  6. not sure myself. I was hoping it’d be more BC2 than MW… oh well. Ill give the beta a shot.

  7. Another CoD clone from EA.

    • First, BF Vietnam. Now this POS.

    • Medal of Honour was a superb franchise at one time. No harm in EA trying to resurrect it. Also, COD is hardly loved by everyone so competition is healthy.

    • ea havnt done a cod clone till now.. yeah looks to be graphically better (wasnt hard) and the sound will be better also but wheres the frostbite engine? i see no destruction which is what i was waiting for.

  8. WHO OR WHAT ARE DICE? Why does everyone always react like that when they find out there in on this? It’s probably a very stupid question but I did a bit of research (not much mind you) to find out about them but I drew a blank. Anyone care to explain? Thanks in Advance.

    • DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) is a games developer owned by EA. They make Battlefield games and also Mirrors Edge. They’ve been bought in to do help on the multiplayer side of things because they do that well. If you’ve played Bad Company 2 you’l know what I mean :-)

  9. Forget the last comment, I found this:

    It’s really interesting and good for passing a bit of time.

    • Cheers for that link :)

      I like the look of this game even though I’m not really a fan of multiplayer shooting it looks great and although it could be moaned about ‘copying’ it’s rivals, it has a different look and feel to it than the CoD titles. I wonder what the story mode will be like.

  10. it looks like modern warfare 2 with vehicles from bad company 2

    • And thats a bad thing because?

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